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About Makkah 3D

About Makkah 3D

Makkah 3D is an educational simulation software that allows you to explore a realistic 3D world on your mobile device or home computer.

Starting point is a virtual reproduction of the Holy Mosque in Makkah where you will be welcomed by a virtual guide who will help you navigate through the Makkah 3D world.

Makkah 3D is a living, immersive world – designed to educate everyone who is interested on the virtues of Islamic lifestyle and knowledge.


Think of Makkah 3D as a living virtual museum, or as a book that has come to life, with people walking around, interacting with one another, or engaged in reading Quran, praying or doing Tawaf. You hear birds chirping, while watching the sunset from one of the minarets.

Imagine going with a digital guide on an adventurous pilgrimage – a Virtual Hajj.

Imagine entering the world of Makkah 3D and listening to a beautiful recitation of the Quran – while sitting next to the Kaaba, the House of Allah.

Imagine going back in time and witnessing significant events like the Battle of Uhud – or even further back in time – the construction of the Kaaba

Imagine an animated guide in the Holy Mosque explaining all details and the history of the Salah, our daily ritual prayer.

Imagine standing on the Plain of Arafat, the so-called mountain of mercy, and listening to the Farewell Sermon given by our beloved Prophet Muhammad – peace & blessings be upon him.

There are countless possibilities and this is only a small excerpt of the features that we are working on.

Education through Entertainment

Education through Entertainment

But Makkah 3D is not only education, our intention is to convey knowledge in an enjoyable, realistic 3D setting with high attention to detail.

You will find yourself visiting Makkah 3D not only to learn something, but to relax and enjoy the marvelous surroundings. Like a digital, recreational getaway!

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